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Available to order from BB coaches NOW!!!

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Available to order from BB coaches NOW!!!

Postby Kim on Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:02 am

Total Body Solution™ DVD
Learn how fitness trainer Debbie Siebers, creator of Slim in 6®, recovers from her own aches, pains, and injuries. In Total Body Solution™ she'll show you how the right exercises can prevent and help heal injuries.

After years of working out and often overdoing it, Debbie Siebers suffered the aches and pains that came from an active lifestyle. Spending too much time and money over the years trying to fix a bad back, tweaked neck, or strained shoulder with doctors, physical therapists, spas, massages, and acupuncture, Debbie finally found real relief when she met author and neurophysiologist Chad Waterbury.

Chad helped Debbie achieve a virtually pain-free body with just a few simple, safe, and effective drills to help prevent injuries before they happen and rehabilitate them when they do. Debbie was so thrilled with the results that she jumped at the opportunity to create Total Body Solution™ with Chad and bring it to the comfort of your home.

Don't let a little pain sidetrack you from getting the most out of a healthy, active lifestyle. In as little as 15 minutes, every other day, you can feel better than ever. No gadgets, no gimmicks, no expensive doctors or medications. These drills will retrain your body to work the way it was designed by alleviating pain, stiffness, and nagging injuries.

And even if you're not suffering from pain, you can add Total Body Solution to your warm-up routine. With Total Body Solution, you can prevent muscle strains and pains before they happen. So take control of your joint and muscle health today, so you can return to your favorite workout routine and continue living an active, healthy life. Total Body Solution—it's like a video first aid kit that no workout library should be without!


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Re: Available to order from BB coaches NOW!!!

Postby Lisa on Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:56 am

I think this is a MUST HAVE workout DVD for everyone. I know I am dealing with some physical issues right now and it's hard to slow down and take care of yourself when you are in constant workout mode. Further injury is not my goal and therefore I'm listening to my body and going to be adding this to my collection.

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