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Saturday, September 13th, 2008

September 7 Sunday

Camp Turbo Kick is 11 months away. You can be whatever you believe, dream big dreams


September 6 Saturday

Fat isn’t the only thing that adds flavor to food, skip the butter and go for fresh herbs, lemon juice, vinegar, or garlic for zip!


September 5 Friday

Think you’ve got too much weight to lose or feeling too old to do Turbo Jam?.
Think in small manageable goals-10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. It all adds up!


September 4 Thursday

Positive people live life on the sunny side and other people enjoy being around them. With a little practice, it becomes habitual.


September 3 Wednesday

To break your current plateau, take a close look at what you are eating (and drinking).


September 2 Tuesday

Are you ready to get smarter? When you become a fitness fanatic, you actually boost your brainpower. Exercise increases energy levels and serotonin in the brain.


September 1 Monday Labor Day

Every time you complete a workout-feel proud. You are one step closer to reaching your goal and becoming the best version of YOU.


August 31 Sunday

Camp Turbo Kick is 12 months away. Set your goals NOW! You’ll hold yourself more accountable if you write it down.

August 30 Saturday

Use your setbacks as lessons. They can be the fuel you need to be more focused and more driven to reach your goal.

August 29 Friday

Avoid monotony.
Try a new workout, buy a new pair of shoes, or download new music if it helps keep you motivated.

Monday, August 25th, 2008

August 28 Thursday

Realize your wildest dreams and accomplish more in less time. Go to bed with a happy heart and clear mind.

August 27 Wednesday

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.-Charlie Finley

August 26 Tuesday

Boldly be you, the real you, even at the risk that some people may not care for “your type.”


August 25 Monday

Visualize yourself doing a great workout and finishing strong.

Sunday, August 24th, 2008
August 23, Saturday 

Your success will influence other people to make life changes to be happier, healthier, stronger.
August 24, Sunday

Yesterday doesn’t matter-forget about it. It’s what we do today that counts.
Friday, August 22nd, 2008

August 22 Friday

Though many good fortunes in my life are the result of dumb luck, I plainly credit my accomplishments to careful preparation and an “unshakeable” positive attitude.—Chalene

Essential workout tip: BE PREPARED. Keep a well-packed gym bag in your car at all times.

Take your workout to new levels of intensity.